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Casucci is the proud owner and co-founder of Modern Equine, Inc.

She was born and raised in Hungary and horses have been her passion since childhood. Eva graduated from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine with a focus on Equine Medicine and Surgery.

After veterinary school, she completed a year of advanced training in Equine Medicine and Surgery as a veterinary intern at Pacific Crest Equine, a large specialty practice in the Central Valley of California.

She has worked in a variety of equine practices before founding Modern Equine.

Her professional interests include Internal Medicine, Dentistry and Reproduction, but she enjoys all aspects of equine practice. Casucci and her husband Paul have a baby boy and they enjoy living in sunny Monterey County and being part of the vibrant horse community.

They love to travel and always find an opportunity to ride horses wherever they go.

Tom Meyers, DVM Tom Meyers, DVM, comes with a ranch background in Wyoming and has handled large animals since childhood. Meyers graduated from Colorado State University's School of Veterinary Medicine and has practiced veterinary medicine for almost 44 years.

He worked for another practice in Southern California and later moved to the Monterey Bay area in 1972.

Tom is a devoted husband, father and grandfather and has made the Lord the highest priority in his life.

Veterinary Technician Kara has been involved with horses her whole life.

She graduated from California State University, Fresno with a BS in Animal Science.

She worked as a Vet Tech for five years with an Equine Practice, which is where she first met Dr. From there, she went on to live and work abroad in New Zealand.