gmslots 24

When playing the Pin Up girls slot you are immediately transported to a 1950’s style America, featuring a number of ladies who you might have seen in newspaper or magazine ads.

These pin up girls are all glamorous and are joined by the single male character in the game, a dark haired, wide eyed, suited individual, who perhaps can’t believe his luck at being surrounded by all these beauties.

The background shows a beach scene, with picnics and sandcastles as people frolic in the sea.

A rollercoaster stands proudly in the distance while a man admires the scene stood next to his red convertible.

The whole slot has a gentle, pastel colour scene, much like as you might have seen in the early magazines.

Alongside the ladies on the reels, you’ll also find many symbols relevant to the era, including roller skates, a transistor radio, a pink moped and the red convertible also appears as a symbol.

Overall this gives the slot an appealing, nostalgic air.

The accompanying soundtrack to the game is a little generic however, where a more appropriate relevant theme might have been better.

If you strip away the ladies, the ‘happy’ man and the 1950’s style objects, you have something of a standard five reel slot.

The only slightly unusual aspect is the fact that there are only nine win lines at this game, with the opportunity of playing even fewer if you choose.

To set the total stake for the spin you’ll also choose both the coin value and the line bet amount (from 1 to 5).

The highest paying symbol in the game is perhaps surprisingly the male character, which pays 2,500 coins for five in a row (you’ll win at this slot by landing at least three in a row from left to right on a win line).