лотерейные автоматы сантехник

We present several modifications of lottery terminals (lottery machines, lottery box-offices).

Each type is a completely autonomous unit, which needs minimum of service operations.

We sell not only the lottery equipment but lottery-game programs as well that must satisfy majority of players.

“Multigame” format permits the owner to change all by himself the game programs in the intervals between premium drawings, the rate of bonuses and other parameters of a game.

These lotto programs can be installed practically on any lottery terminal.

The nominal lottery tickets prices are established as follows: 10, 30, 50 and 100 rubles.

As each player can buy several tickets at once he/she is able to bet from 10 to 500 rubles simultaneously.

Our terminals also have the function of summing-up bonuses and prizes.

ADVANTAGES OF THE LOTTERY TERMINALS – The prize budget of the game is up to 85-93% of the collected money that makes the process of gambling quite lucrative and thrilling; – The game programs undergo constant update and upgrade just to meet perpetually changing needs and tastes of gamblers; – The programs permit to realize the distant control of the lottery terminals by means of your personal account on our website, which includes the control of money balance in the lottomats; – Interface of the personal account is strictly functional and logically coherent; – In case of need you may readdress an access to your personal account to someone of the partners or colleages.

HOW TO BUY THE LOTTERY TERMINALS Just call the phone 8 (495) 215-09-83 or 8 (800)555-16-91 (free of charge for all the regions of the Russian Federation).

DOCUMENTS, CERTIFICATES AND LICENCES Our customers receive the complete set of all legal papers.

PRICELIST The price of a lottery terminal varies from 59999 to 96500 rubbles according to its options.