вулкан 25

We are committed to being a good neighbor, and strive to build meaningful and lasting relationships with our communities through involvement in schools and charitable organizations.

It’s more than just financial and logistical support—our employees volunteer their time and energy.

Our Divisions and facilities are empowered to provide the community investments that make the most sense for specific locations.

We currently have 243 adopt-a-school partnerships nationwide and typically have more than 25,000 people touring our facilities each year.

Most of these are school children who visit a quarry in conjunction with earth science studies.

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There’s something to see or do every day of the Saint Paul Winter Carnival, such as zooming down the giant snow slide, playing on giant snow piles, and participating in or watching events.

Bring your family often for winter fun and adventure!

In this Instructable, I will be documenting the modifications I make to my new NERF Vulcan EBF - 25 fully automatic Nerf gun.

Many of these modifications are NOT REVERSIBLE , and, if done wrong, will result in irreparable damage to the gun.

Also, i know it's kind of obvious, but performing ANY of these modifications will immediately void the warranty, so don't complain that the store refused to take beck your broken gun!

- Note, Some people have commented that Wallmart took back their broken guns after failed mods. Toy companies do not follow the maker's creed of "If you can't open it, you don't own it!